How to access my WordPress login page?

October 11, 2016

“How to access my WordPress login page?” is the most common question of all new WordPress users. In this article, I’ll help you to easily find  your WordPress login page.

If your WordPress website is hosted on, just go to the general login page.

If you are using a self-hosted WordPress site, there’re 2 ways to access your WordPress login page:

  • Go to
  • Go to

Both of these URLs check that you are still logged in to your site and redirect to your site’s admin area.

For example, if my domain name is:, you can access or to login.Wordpress login page

From your WordPress login screen, you’ll enter the username and password that you set up during the WordPress installation process.

If you don’t care for entering your password every time, I would suggest checking the « Remember Me » checkbox next time before login in. The downside is that someone else may walk to your computer and have access to your WordPress.

If you’ve forgotten your WordPress login password, you can click the “Lost Your password?” link to retrieve it via email.


Still having trouble logging in? Leave a comment here so I can help.


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