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November 2, 2016

This article is based on 4 months of using StableHost hosting services, it’s not long but enough to get the real experience here.

StableHost’s Shared Hosting pricing is very competitive: only $4.95 for their cheapest hosting. But I just want to say, it cost more than that.

As the name suggests [Stable]Host,they are more stable than all other companies. Their service is fast and assistance (when needed) has been quick and professional. Setting everything up was easy and the web interface is simple to use. They use SSD drives exclusively, which adds to the speed and they allow for unlimited bandwidth too. I don’t currently use a lot, but it’s nice to know it is available should I need it in the future. The server has not been down since I subscribed.

The good:

  • Nice price ($4.95).
  • Verification is easy.
  • Speed is great, especially for a shared hosting account.
  • Great support service.
  • Great coupons:
    • WPPLAIN: 40% one time (US/Europe)
    • ERNQ6Y5GV275% One Time Discount Coupon

The bad:

  • There’re no LIVE chat so you can only get their support via email or ticket.


Shared Hosting

  • CPU: 25% of 1 CPU Core
  • I/O: 3Mb/s
  • Memory: 3GB
  • Max PHP Processes: 15
  • Total Max Processes: 30

Enterprise Hosting

  • CPU: 100% of 2 CPU Cores
  • I/O: 5Mb/s
  • Memory: 5GB
  • Max PHP Processes: 50
  • Total Max Processes: 50

In conclusion

StableHost has provided hosting services for a long time and got good feedback from webmasters all over the world. I also highly recommend you use StableHost.

Looking forward to receiving your review.

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  1. There are a few ways to handle your own website but 1&1 webmail definitely tops the list. It’s easy to get your account on the service. Just go to their login page and enter your email and password. If you are yet to get started with them, you can browse their plans right next to the login as well.

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